Friday, May 15, 2015

Art From My Heart

Happy Friday! 

Hope you have something fun planned this weekend. I am looking forward to teaching at Chico Scrapbooks for my Sundays with Sharon series. This month it's a journal page featuring the Remnant Rub Resist technique by Tim a Holtz. Here is a peek at my three samples. 

I also wanted to share some gifts I created recently. I have found that when I put my whole heart into a piece I much happier with the end result. It truly becomes a gift from my heart. I'm not sure why this makes the process easier for me, perhaps because there are no limits or criteria, or that there is no pressure to meet expectations but I truly love the release and inspiration I get from these projects. 

Have you seen Tim's new coffee die?  So stinkin cute I tell ya!  It was the jumping off point for this coffee fueled canvas. My long time office mate has a wonderful husband who unexpectedly drops by the office bringing her a coffee drink. A mocha to be exact.  I affectionately have nick named him mocha Bob. Hee hee.  She has always generously shared those coffees with me. I wanted to create something to thank them for their big hearts and coffee.   The quote says it all!  

Another piece that is some art from my heart is an aloha canvas. A long time friend of my husband helped him out during a tough time while he is facing his own challenges. My husband after seeing their Hawaii wall asked me to create something to gift to them.   It was a fun process to collaborate with my hubbie to come up with a cool piece. I took my inspiration from Hawaiian tapa cloths. 

I found the turtle clip art, resized it and printed it onto textured cardstock.   This turtle already had the patterns on him and all I had to do was embellish them with my white pen.  Die cuts and punches were used for the floral shapes.  Super happy with how it all came together. 

I'm honored to say the Dave and Karen put it up on their wall right away. They even added the leaf ribbon I used on the package. I think when the heart and soul are working to create a piece magical things happen. I had never seen the Hawaii wall but as you can see my piece fit right into their theme. 

This turtle looks right at home. Mahalo Dave and Karen!

Creating from my heart is so rewarding and the shock waves of positive spirit are sent out into the universe. Art from my heart makes me happy. 

Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful weekend. 

Happy creating. 

Hugs, Sharon