Sunday, June 30, 2013

Reminder that Google Reader is Retiring

Hello again!  Two posts in one day. How about that!

I was reminded tonight that as of tomorrow Google Reader will be no more. A reader is a great way to organize all the blogs you read or follow in one spot. A few months ago Linda Ledbetter did a wonderful post on the options out there. Check out her post here:

Thanks Linda for doing all the research. Great resource. 

I moved my blogs from Google reader over to Feedly. It was an easy move and there are several options for viewing.  It will take a bit to get used to the format but do far so good.

So . . . If you are using Google Reader you will want to switch tonight. 

Hope you have a fabulous week. 

Hugs,  Sharon

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  1. Switch over, too...but seems to have changed....LOL
    Hugz, Z


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