Wednesday, August 20, 2014

North Carolina Day 1


Whew!  Sorry for being MIA!  Just taken me a bit to get back to my routine after my fabulous vacation. 

After the Steampunk Soirée I flew to North Carolina for some quality sister time. I've got so much to share Ill break this into several posts. 

My big sis Denise picked me up at the Charlotte airport and then we headed downtown. First stop, a mocha to keep me going. Next, the Nascar Hall of Fame. If you are a motor sports fan, or just a car gal or guy, this is a must stop location. They have done a wonderful job with state of the art technology. What a fun place. We were lucky that it wasn't very crowded and took our time exploring, taking photos and driving the simulator. Driving at 200 miles an hour is definitely an acquired skill, lol. I burnt up my engine, had to replace my car, and so only completed two of ten laps. You can purchase a ticket to have unlimited simulator rides. This would be the way to go if you want to become an ace. So. Much. Fun.

The Hall of Fame is right in the heart of downtown Charlotte. 

Didn't realize how much texture the tracks have. Guess that's the grip. 

The audio portion of the tour is worth it. 

Meeting of the minds, lol. 

The race track simulator. Zoom, zoom!  Gotta bring my hubby back here!

If you find yourself in Charlotte and have some time I would highly recommend the Nascar Hall of Fame!

Come back for day 2 of my North Carolina trip. 

Thanks for stopping by.  Happy Creating!


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