Saturday, March 14, 2015

Pinterest Blast

Happy Saturday!

Do you pin?  Love to makes boards on Pinterest?  Me too!  Occasionally I will search a topic and do a blast of pinning. Just pinning as each photo catches my eye. Not really putting much thought into it. Going with my gut. This morning it was all about Mediterranean Moods and Styles. See the menu options over to the right?  There is a link to my Pinterest page. You can check out my latest pins and more. 

Why Mediterranean you ask?  Well hubby and I have been seeing articles lately on the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet. After some coffee fueled discussion this morning I started making some notes. After I got to my seventh page from a tiny note pad it dawned on me I could write all this in a small journal as a reference and do some fun mediterranean style backgrounds. Thus the Mediterranean Moods Pin board was born. I'll be posting color and style ideas as well as recipies on the board and the ones I most want to reference in my journal.   Looking forward to combining health and cooking with art!

What would you blast on Pinterest?

Thanks so much for stopping by today. Have a great weekend. Happy creating, and pinning!

Hugs, Sharon

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