Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Little Reorganization

Hello!  I had hoped to reveal my mini books this week but have been delayed. I am lucky enough to be moving my studio into a bigger room in our house and it is not usable at the moment

It all started with two of our nieces moving in with us. We gave each of them their own bedrooms and so that left us with only one spare bedroom for my husbands office and my craft room. We made the decision to build a room in part of the garage so my hubby could have a proper office as he is self employed and works from home.

Which leads to me getting the second biggest bedroom in the house for my studio. Yippee!  So excited to make it my own. Using the same desks and storage that I have but configuring in a new way.

I'm hoping to have the room at least partially back together in the next day or two  so I can continue working on my mini books and other projects.

Stay tuned . . . .

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  1. Oh how exciting - a room all your craft room all your own!!!! Don't forget to post pics of your new studio when you are all moved in!!!!

    1. A little sore from the lifting and moving, but it's worth it! Not quite ready for the big reveal but hope to snap some pics and post tonight.

  2. Sharon, Yes we want pictures as soon as you are done with all the movement! Congrats on a bigger room! Yahoooooo!

    1. Yahoo! Amazing how much stuff I had stuffed into the smaller room, ha, ha. Took inspiration from Tim's studio to organize my ribbon. Will show pics of that later.


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