Sunday, September 7, 2014

North Carolina Day 4 and Travels Home


Final post on my trip to North Carolina. Not many photos of this day as it was a lazy day of brunch, a little shopping and then relaxing. 

We found another antique mall close to my sisters house. Just amazed at the wide variety of treasures. Really something for everyone. Quite a few things caught my eye but the only thing I managed to get a pic of was some rusty celing tiles. Just love the patina. Going to try and recreate this look on my projects. Ultimate grunge, right?

Back at home we relaxed and I prepared for my trip back home. Denise let me go through her stash of buttons and old sewing supplies and I took home some fun treasures. Thanks Sis!

Early morning flight out of Charlotte with first leg back to Washington DC, Dulles Airport.  Mad dash from one side of the airport to the other just making my flight. Whew! Got settled into my seat with ipad in hand to read during long flight when an announcement of a delay was made.   We ended up having to deplane back to the boarding area. After some time they announced that our flight was cancelled due to mechanical issues and we would need to go to customer service to get another flight. Ahhhh, the trials of modern travel. What can you do?  Long line at customer service but had a nice chat with a young man returning from a year long mission.   When it was finally my turn found out that the last flight of my trip had been cancelled!  

Another night in DC.  Hotel and meal voucher on United. As luck would have it the hotel was across the street from a huge, and I mean huge, mall so I was able to stop I to Sephora to pick up some make up and essentials. If I hadn't been so tired I could have done some major damage there, hehehe. 

All went well the next day and made it home safe and sound. Great trip between the Steampunk Soirre  and a long overdue visit with my sister. Good to travel but great to be home. 

If you made it through these posts, thanks for hanging in there. I know I always enjoy others travel stories so hope you liked mine. Promise back to our regular crafting with my next post. 

Thanks so much for stopping by. Happy Creating!

Hugs, Sharon

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