Sunday, September 7, 2014

PSB Repurpose

Hello again!  Thanks for joining me on the second post of the day. 

I promised I would reveal what I had done with my PSB. If you have been scrapping for a while chances are you had one (or more) of these Paper, sticker binders. 

We filled these with all the stickers that were available in abundance. Every conceivable shape and size. Right?  Most of my stickers were either used or given away so I have for some time been trying to come up with a way to utilize the PSB to meet my current storage needs. As I was cleaning out my studio last weekend I had an idea an idea on how to use it while solving a dilemma I had been fighting for some time. 

As I have become more involved in art journaling and Mixed Media I have been collecting stencils and emphera and bits to use. Taking stencils to crops turned out to problematic and I longed for a system that would keep them organized. 

Turns out the quad pages for the PSB are the perfect size for 6 x 6 stencils!

I kept as much of the packaging as possible as well as the item number and description so that I can reference it for tutorials or classes.  I used the quad, double, and the single sleeves for the various sized stencils. 

Neat, huh?  Nice way to organize and transport my stencils. Next up the emphera, paper, and other bits for journaling and mixed media. 

As I cleaned out my paper stash I pulled some papers that I still like but won't work for my die cutting and embossing. I think these thinner papers will be great for collage, mixed media and journaling. These went into tab 2 in the single sleeves. 

The last tab will be for emphera and collected bits using the multi pocket sleeves.  These include definitions, images,

I now have a mixed media binder to store my stencils, papers, and other bits !  As I collect more stencils and gather emphera I will have a place to put them.  It is portable and usable.   It sits in my studio behind my mixed media bag ready to get all messy and inky!

So happy was able to repurpose my PSB to meet my current crafting needs. What will you do with your PSB?  Would love to hear your ideas. 

Thanks for stopping by. Your support and interest means the world to me. 

Happy Creating!

Hugs, Sharon

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  1. Love it, Sharon! NOw I wish I had ;o)
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